Sunday, April 28, 2013

Buying a Windshield for Your Golf Cart

When you are in the market to purchase a windshield for a golf cart, there are 2 types of windshields: A fixed windshield and a fold-down windshield.

In warmer climates the fold down windshield is more popular.  When the weather is pleasant the windshield can be folded down so you get that fresh air feeling like driving  a convertible car.  When the weather is inclement you fold up the windshield so you are protected from the elements.

The weakest link in a fold-down windshield is the hinge. If the hinge should break, you need to purchase a new windshield. If you park the golf car outdoors, try to have the windshield facing north, to minimize it's exposure to sunlight. The sun's ultra violet rays will damage the hinge.  

In a cooler climate a fixed windshield may be a more practical option. You will be protected from the elements all the time. This type of windshield will last longer than the fold-down style because there isn’t a hinge. 

Clear windshields are more common than tinted windshields.
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