Monday, June 3, 2013

Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Golf Cart Battery Chargers 

There are  two types of golf car battery chargers. They are 36-volt battery chargers and 48-volt battery chargers.The battery charger must match up with the golf car brand. They are not interchangeable.

If your golf car has a 36 volt electrical system, you need a 36-volt charger.  If your car has a modern 48-volt electrical system, then you need a 48 volt charger.  A charger must be kept in a dry location and protected from the rain.  
Golf cart chargers should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet.  In an emergency if you need to use an extension cord, you may use a 10 gauge wire extension cord.

When the charger is running, look for these signs to see if it is working:

  • It may have either a gauge or lights indicating that it’s charging. 
  • There may be a slight humming noise, the outside case is warm, and if you put your fingers lightly on the outside case you can feel a slight vibration.   
  • You could use a volt ohm meter, and see how many volts the charger is putting into the batteries.   

A simple volt ohm meter can be purchased for under $20. For a 36-volt system you might see voltages from 38 volts to 43 volts. For a 48-volt charger you might see 50 volts to 55 volts. 

The Golf Car Connection repairs battery chargers. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns at 954-946-8008 or email

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