Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do You Know if Your Golf Cart Battery Charger is Working?

How do you know if your battery charger is working?
You plugged in your golf cart battery charger into the wall outlet and your charger cord into your golf car but that doesn’t mean you are charging your golf car.  

Sometimes an electrical outlet is suddenly not working.  If you plug your golf car charger into an inoperable outlet your golf cart is not going to be charged up.  Always check your circuit breakers, or fuses.  Be sure your outlet is not hooked up to a timer.

When a battery charger is running it will:   

  • Be warm to the touch
  • Make a slight humming noise
  • Have a slight vibration.   
Some chargers have an analog gauge that shows the charger is working. Other chargers have LED lights indicating if the charger is working.

In rare cases you can have a runaway charger that runs and runs and never shuts off.  When you plug your golf car in at night, it should be shut off in the morning. If it’s still running in the morning something is wrong and it’s overcharging your batteries.  This is more common with Club Cars.  This type of problem needs immediate attention so that you don't ruin your batteries and have the expense of replacement. This problem may be the Club Car itself and therefore the golf cart needs to be repaired. On most other brands, its only the charger that needs the repair.

The  Golf Car Connection can help you diagnose a problem with your battery charger and repair it.

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