Monday, September 16, 2013

The Right Battery Plug for the Right Golf Cart Keeps You Rolling

Different types of Battery Charger Plugs
There are at least 6 different types of male plugs used to plug in your battery charger into your golf cart. 
If you buy a used battery charger you need to make sure it comes with the correct plug.  
EZ GO has used 3 types of male plugs over the years. The more modern EZ GO charger plugs cost $100, so if you buy a used charger and it has the wrong plug, you may have to spend $100 for the correct plug. It’s not so much of a bargain. 

Club Car has used 2 different plugs over the years.  The older style 36 volt plug was called the “crow’s foot”, because it has 2 prongs at 45 degree angles.  The more modern 48 volt Club Car plug is grey and its round. 
Yamaha has used 3 plugs over the years.  In the early years they used the “crow’s foot” plug on their 36 volt chargers.  Newer Yamaha 48 volt chargers use 2 different types of plugs.
The Golf Car Connection can provide you with the right plug for the right car. Give us your golf Cart’s serial number and we will look up the appropriate plug. Golf Car Connection also offers charger repairs, replacement batteries and other services and parts to keep you and your golf cart moving. Call us at 954-946-8008 for all your golf cart and utility car needs.

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