Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Charging Your Golf Cart when You Leave for the Season

Snow birds and their golf cars

Out of sight out of mind, is bad news for golf cart batteries. 

A golf cart must be charged once a month whether the car is used or not.  If a golf cart sits for six months and the batteries were never charged during that time, you could ruin your batteries.  A new set of batteries costs $905.  

In a cold climate a fully charged battery can be in an unheated garage for 6 months, and still be good.  This is not the case in a hot un-airconditioned garage that can be over 90 degrees in the summer. If a battery sits for six months without being charged in those condition it will likely be damaged and un-repairable. 

Many families have a house sitter that checks on their house.  Please ask the house sitter to arrive at 9am to plug in the charger, and then come back at 5pm to unplug the charger as it takes eight (8) hours to charge the golf cart batteries. It is recommended to have the house sitter check on the water level of the batteries. If the water level is low, they will need to add water to the batteries. It is preferable that it be filled with distilled water. 

The battery charger cannot be left plugged into the golf cart for six months, expecting it to charge up the car whenever the batteries get low on charge.  Golf cart battery chargers do not work that way.  Battery chargers need to be unplugged and plugged back in, recycled, so to speak, in order to keep your golf cart charged up and ready for use when you return to Florida. 

Call The Golf Car Connection at 954-946-8008 when you return to Florida, if you have any concerns, so that your golf cart is ready for your enjoyment. 

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